Motor Tour

An optional motor tour is available to cars registered in Sunday’s Concours d’Elegance as well as the Show & Glow Paddock


This year’s motor tour will take us to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Wingspread in Racine and then to Meadowbrook Country Club for a prepaid repast.

We will leave from Veterans Park at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 4, driving south over the breathtaking Hoan Bridge, through wooded Grant Park, before finally reaching Wingspread for guided tours. A picture of you and your car will be taken at the Wingspread parking lot. (You can opt out of the picture opportunity. You will be informed by email when the digital photo is available for your download.)

After our visit to Wingspread, we will continue to Meadowbrook Country Club where we will hobnob in a private room overlooking the golf course and enjoy a 2-meat buffet with included soft drink or coffee. Cash bar available.

We will guide you back to Veterans Park by essentially the route we drove out or you may opt to return to Milwaukee via I-94 unescorted. We intend to be back at Veterans Park by 2 p.m.

Participation in the tour will be limited to 40 cars. The fee will be $50 per person, including lunch. (Additional car occupants are also $50 per person. This is a charity event after all!)

For concours cars, completion of motor tour application is separate from your show field application. (If you ultimately are not accepted onto the show field, you may elect to cancel your participation in tour with no consequences or, since we will have held your space, you could participate as a Show & Glow Paddock car.)  Paddock cars will be limited, and applications will also be evaluated for suitability for motor tour, but not according to strict concours guidelines. We will be providing a souvenir AAA TripTik with turn-by-turn route instructions. We plan to have a trailing flat bed tow truck if any mishaps occur. This year’s route will not have any significant turns or route challenges. That is, we don’t expect any separations, even at stoplights and turns, that should prevent drivers from always being able to see at least one or two tour cars ahead of them. And, of course, as for any driving event, it is expected that you will start with a full gas tank and car will be mechanically ready for the excursion.

Finally, for concours cars, tour participation will be an award tie breaker. In the event two cars have the same score in show judging, your participation in tour will give you nod for the class award. All tour cars will receive a participant ribbon and concours cars should plan to display ribbon on car on Sunday.

Thank you for considering joining us on what should be another fun drive and get together. Any questions, contact Greg Black at or via land line: 262-238-8853.

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