Mike O’Krongly, President
Bob Budlow, Vice President
Colin Comer, Director
Karl Wuesthoff, Director
Ralph LaMacchia, Director
Jim Wallner, Director
Carl Jensen, Director
Paul Westphal, Director
Ron Pace, Director

Board secretary: Ron Pace
Board treasurer: Renee Messing

Committee Chairs

Carl and Carrol Jensen, Concours d’Elegance vehicle selection
Colin Comer, Chief Judge
Bob Budlow, Assistant Chief Judge
Tony Stevens, Assistant Chief Judge
Ron Pace, Assistant Chief Judge
Donna Daufenbach, Registrar
John Boswell, Grounds Layout
David Curro, Show & Glow Paddock Chair
Gary Messing, Public Relations & Advertising
Gary Messing, PR and Media Contact
Cynthia Qualich, Media Coordinator
Beverly Jurkowski, Website and Social Media
Gary Messing, Chair – Development & Sponsorship, Operations
David Pickens, Environment
Alan and Peggy Bloom, Volunteer Recruitment
Peggy David, Concours Village
Cana Comer, Silent Auction
Open, Style & Speed Social